Aksay Gorge

The Aksay gorge is in the territory of Ile-Alatau national park, to the west from the city of Almaty.

The main sight of the Aksay gorge is the monastery. It is the whole complex of cult constructions. This monastery has been built on the place martyrly of the dead Celibate priests Serofim and Feagnost in 1921. Here the beautiful wooden church, as well as a sacred source has been constructed. Near the monastery there is a glade with which it is possible to admire snow mountain tops and numerous gorges on which panorama won’t leave indifferent any tourist.

One more sight is the Akzhar collapse which is a nature sanctuary. This consequence of an earthquake on May 28, 1887. Force of an earthquake was such that not only the city True, but also mountains has been destroyed. The rock lump moved with collapses, landslides and mud streams in the neighborhood of the city in a radius of 30 kilometers was 440 million m3. In 120 years the Akzhar collapse has perfectly remained.

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