Excursion to Big Almaty Lake

Picnic near the picturesque Big Almaty Lake (BAL) – one of the most popular sights of the city of Almaty. This beautiful lake is one of the main fresh sources of drinking water of residents of Almaty. Earlier the lake was less available to inhabitants and city visitors — from the GES-2 Cascade there was only a soil road on which on the passenger car to pass was problematic. But now on BAL it is possible to pass on any car though the serpentine near the pipe going from the lake all is also dangerous by rocky collapses and taluses. It is possible to arrive to the Big Almaty lake at all seasons of the year, but weather all the same can’t be neglected as it is possible to get to a blizzard and the road in the winter will easily bring snow.

The Big Almaty lake is still the initial point of mountain routes on the next tops and passes:
— peak of Sovetov which flaunts with the sharp snow top to the southeast from BAL;
— peak Big Almaty, being to the northwest from BAL;
— peak the Tourist located to the west from the lake;
— the pass Lake, being to the south from BAL, it is border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

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08:00 – collecting at the central stadium or near hotel;
08:30 – departure by bus and/or the car on BAL;
10:00 – arrival to BAL (2550m), a picnic, rest, photographing, an excursion;
11:00-13:00 – departure to the city;
12:30-14:30 – arrival on the central stadium or in hotel.

Complexity: a picnic excursion without pedestrian route
Season: all the year round
Height of a final point: the 2550m.
Tour duration:
= a transfer from the city – 1,5 hours,
= a picnic and rest – 1-2 hours,
= return to the city – 1,5 hours

* windbreaker/jacket
* a headdress (a warm season – a cap/hat, a winter season – a cap)
* sunglasses
+ for a winter season:
* drawers or a layered clothing it (is desirable)

With yourself you can take:
* jacket
* raincoat

* a thermos with tea
* 1 l. drinking water (on the road it will be possible to gather waters)
* sandwiches (bread/cheese/sausage)
* fresh vegetables / fruit
* chocolate bar
* nutlets/raisin/dried apricots

* cream from suntan
* anesthetics (from the head surely)
* medicine necessary for you (for example, from an allergy)

35000 KZT for the car (services of a transfer are included) - 1-4 people

For big groups the discount works

Guide: «The first time we with the friend have gone to the Big Almaty lake when to us was for 16 years (2008). We didn’t know the road. Have just reached by the 28th bus from Al-Farabi Navoiy to the Fork (GES-2), have begun a way on foot on the road (then there was no asphalt, and just dirt road). Rather long piece of a way from GES-2 to GES-1 (the beginning of the pipe conducting to BAL) 10 kilometers long is overcome in 1,5-2 hours depending on speed and training of the tourist.
When have reached prior to the beginning of a pipe, have begun rise along it the first 300 meters, then have climbed on a pipe and went to the lake on a pipe. Dense fog has fallen that has given to our campaign a bigger mysteriousness, visibility is less than 30 meters. Diameter of a pipe about 1-1,2 meters, on it flows drinking water with BAL towards the city. When we have reached on a pipe the lake, the Big Almaty lake has proved to be in all beauty — I never saw such beautiful landscape. The dissipated fog which has shrouded us on a pipe lay a huge kilometer piece as cotton wool on the lake. We have quickly removed this view of the camera, then still film. Since then I was on the lake more than 25 times, but I didn’t see such look…»

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