Charyn Canyon

The Charyn canyon is located in National park Charyn in 215 kilometers to the East from Almaty and approximately in 3 hours’ journey. The canyon has been described as the younger brother of the Great Canyon. It doesn’t belittle obvious gloss of the canyon. The prospect of a drama erosion, made the river Charyn below and elements creates a drama and impressive landscape.

Canyon about 150 km long, places to 300 meters in depth.

Particular interest represents the two-kilometer site under the name Valley of Locks consisting of the columns and rocks forming human structures.

Canyon history Charyn is that it was formed about 3 million years ago when the earth around a canyon has begun to grow. Very big lake existed around the top part of a canyon, and it has begun to be devastated. During the subsequent millions of years the canyon has been created on the river Charyn. About 2 million years ago the strong earthquake has broken a river stream, having blocked it a landslide. A part of a canyon then has suffered from the elements forming rocky sculptures. The river Charyn flows in the lower part of a canyon, forming the following Grand Canyon.

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08:00 – gathering of participants at the central stadium;
08:30 – departure by bus and/or the car in aside Charyn;
12:00 – arrival to a canyon Charyn;
12:30 – the beginning of an excursion on a canyon;
13:30-14:30 – having a snack near the Charyn River;
14:30-15:30 - return on a canyon to the car and/or the bus;
15:30 - departure to the city;
19:00 - arrival in the city.

Complexity: an excursion (a pedestrian part - 2-3 km)
Transfer: 200 km from Almaty
Season: all the year round
tour Duration: 1 day

* a windbreaker (for a winter season – a down-padded coat / a warm jacket)
* a headdress (a warm season – a cap/hat, a winter season – a cap)
* sunglasses

With yourself you can take:
* jacket
* raincoat

* a thermos with tea
* 1 l. drinking water (on the road it will be possible to gather waters)
* sandwiches (bread/cheese/sausage)
* fresh vegetables / fruit
* boiled eggs, potatoes, salt
* chocolate bar
* nutlets/raisin/dried apricots

50000 tenge for group 1-4 persons (services of a transfer + an excursion are included).

For groups from 5 people individual calculation.

For big groups the discount works

The transfer is organized from the central stadium of the city of Almaty or hotel to the Charynsky canyon and back.
The cost of a transfer is included in tour cost.

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