Chundzha. Hot springs

Hot springs in Chundzha are a geothermal zone in the Uigur region of Almaty region in 300 kilometers to the east from the city of Almaty. There are about 140 hot springs. The nature of sources consists in the centers of ancient volcanic activity which age is a lot of million years. Traces of former eruptions of a huge volcano can be seen on the way to Chundzha is a massif of Buguta. Vylkan has gone out for a long time, and here magmatic channels completely weren’t closed and continue to heat water which comes to the Earth’s surface under high pressure.

Many well-planned recreation areas and not really in this zone use gifts of the nature both for tourism, and for own municipal needs, water temperature all the year round in sources from 20 to 37 degrees Celsius (warm), 37-50 degrees (hot), over 50 degrees (very hot). Inhabitants use the last sources in the winter for heating of own houses and rest houses, cottages. There are in some places sources which temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius.

The composition of water is very different minerals and is similar in structure to sources of a health resort of Sara-Agash. Curative properties of water allow to carry out prophylaxis of diseases of a musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, an arthrosis, salts in joints and a backbone, aftertreatment after operations, insomnia and fatigue putting off.

Recreation areas have, as a rule, the closed and outdoor pools with a different temperature. Rest conditions on different zones strongly differ as at the price and conveniences. If you want to have a rest for the first time on hot springs of Chundzha, then it is necessary to approach the choice of a zone seriously: to learn from skilled friends and acquaintances whether it is worth going to this or that zone, or carefully to study all zones and responses on the Internet, or to reserve places in several zones and upon arrival to choose among them what is better.

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