Issyk Lake

The lake Issyk — the lake, the second for proximity, to Almaty which is in 70 kilometers from the city. The lake is located at the height of 1750 meters above sea level. Also, as well as Big Almaty Lake, the lake Issyk changes the color seasonally and weathers — from turquoise to blue. The lake as a result of a powerful collapse was formed 8-10 thousand years ago which consequence the natural dam 300 meters high which has partitioned off the river Issyk has turned out to be.

Road to the lake Issyk.
It is possible to reach the lake on any transport — from the passenger car to the 50-seater bus approximately in 1,5 hours. The route from Almaty on the lake Issyk begins with crossing of Ryskulov Avenue and the Kuldzhinsky path. It is necessary to move to the east on Kuldzhinka before turn in Issyk (Esik), the turn will be to the right towards mountains. We pass through the city on the main road and when we cross the river Issyk, there will be the second turn to the right (towards mountains again). The asphalted road lies on the Issyksky gorge to the lake. On this road to us the ecological post where it is necessary to pay 426 KZT from the person (for 2017) will meet, the trout farm is located here. After an ecopost we go on the road up the gorge and in 15-20 minutes we appear on the big asphalted platform where the huge number of cars can be placed.

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08:00 – gathering of participants at the central stadium;
08:30 – departure by bus and/or the car towards Issyk;
10:20 – arrival to the lake;
10:20-12:30 – an excursion on the lake and vicinities, photographing, having a snack;
12:30 - departure from the lake to the city;
14:30 - arrival in the city.

Complexity: excursion
Transfer: 140 km from Almaty in both parties.
Season: April - October
tour Duration: in the afternoon.

* a windbreaker (for a winter season – a down-padded coat / a warm jacket)
* a headdress (a warm season – a cap/hat, a winter season – a cap)
* sunglasses

With yourself you can take:
* jacket
* raincoat

* a thermos with tea
* 1 l. drinking water (on the road it will be possible to gather waters)
* sandwiches (bread/cheese/sausage)
* fresh vegetables / fruit
* boiled eggs, potatoes, salt
* chocolate bar
* nutlets/raisin/dried apricots

40000 KZT for group 1-4 persons (services of a transfer are included).

For group from 5 people individual calculation.

For big groups the discount works

The transfer is organized from the central stadium of the city of Almaty or from hotel to the lake Issyk and back.
The cost of a transfer is included in tour cost.

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