Kok-tobe or Kok-Tyube (kaz. — «The green hill») — the mountain located in close proximity to the city of Almaty. Height — 1130 m above sea level.

The popularity of this sight of the city is an opportunity to see all city and its suburbs from one point, the amusement park, a big wheel, a zoo, that is all for city visitors and just for citizens of Almaty also here is built. One more sight of the mountain is the Almaty television tower 372 meters high, a peculiar Almaty symbol and its highest structure.
You can rise by Mount Kok-tobe on the twisting road by the bus which is driving off from his bottom and also one more unique opportunity to rise by Kok-tobe on the ropeway from the Palace of the Republic to mountain top.

Official site Kok-tobe: http://www.koktobe.com

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