Lake Kaindy

The Lake Kaindy – one of the most surprising miracles of Kazakhstan and Almaty region. The lake was located among the coniferous forest at the height of 1800 meters above sea level. Unique beauty of the lake in trunks of fir-trees which stand directly in water. This phenomenon has occurred owing to sudden emergence of the lake by sag of soil and a landslide of an enormous congestion of limestone more than 100 years ago. All this is caused by an earthquake of 1910.

The road to the lake from the city of Almaty on the car in 5 hours, but here it is possible to pass to the lake not by any car since there is a set of crossings through the river and lack of roads with huge stones. The Lake Kaindy is near the village of Saty in Kungey Alatau, in 280 kilometers from Almaty. Without having the SUV, the last 10 kilometers of a way can be passed on foot, or to employ «UAZ» for transportation to the Lake Kaindy.

Concerning the organization of a tour on Lake Kaindy
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