Sports complex of Medeu (in Russian Medeo) – the mountain complex which is at the height of 1691,2 meter above sea level. It is built during the period from 1969 to 1972. The stadium is called in honor of the possessor of pasturable grounds of Zailiysky Ala Tau Medeu Pusyrmanov. Medeo is the most mountainous complex in the world for carrying out winter sports, such as hockey, figure skating, speed skating, etc. At the expense of pure mountain water ice to Medeo unique also is «fastest» for athletes.

At stadium of 13 years the annual festival «Asia Dausy» — «The Voice of Asia» was held. Also before holding Asian games of 2011 reconstructed a skating rink. Stands accomodate in themselves from 7200 to 8500 viewers.
Many pedestrian routes of the Small Almaty gorge, natural boundary Kim Asar, Butakovsky waterfalls, Tuyuk-su originate from sport center of Medeo. Also from a complex it is possible to reach to the alpine skiing Chimbulak complex (Shymbulak).

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