Observatory of Almaty

Astrophysical institute of V.G. Fesenkov (APIF) – the scientific institution founded 10.11.1941 as Institute of astronomy and physics of the Kazakhstan branch Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Almaty (Alma-Ata), the capital of Kazakhstan.

Here the Kamen’s Plateau Observatory founded in 1947 is located.

Daily record on an excursion by phone +7 771 754 47 37, Vladimir (in the presence of good weather)
Record from 15:00 till 17:00 in day of an excursion!

Cost of a tour, tenge:
The price is over 1 person =       6000     5000     4500     4000
Number of people =                        2             3-4          4-8           9+

is included In the price:
- journey there and back;
- program;
- entrance fee;
- services of staff of observatory.

of the Condition of holding excursion:
Departures in certain dates and time directly and first of all depend on weather conditions in mountains. At adverse weather conditions (rains, high overcast, etc.) the trip is postponed to more suitable date.

Approximate time of holding excursions: 21:00 - 24:00

The transfer is included in excursion Price.

For group over 8 people individual calculation.

The institute and Observatory are on the Kamen’s plateau, in the top part of the city of Almaty. In the evening on Observatory tours for school students and residents are conducted.
Time of holding excursions depends on sunset time. The general duration of an excursion for group – from 1 totwo o’clock. During this time it is possible to take a walk in Observatory, to listen to a lecture on astronomy and to look at stars, the Moon and planets in the telescope.

Excursion on institute territories, viewing of stars and planets in the telescope, observatory of Almaty. A transfer from Almaty to Observatory and back.


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