Peak Molodezhniy

The Peak Molodezhniy is one of the few four-chiliarches of Zailiy Alatau to which it is possible to ascend without special equipment in 1 day. But because of strong height difference of the city of Almaty (800 m) and Peak Molodezhniy (4147 m) ascension with acclimatization is recommended to carry out. For this purpose in the first day it is necessary to carry out approach to the bottom western a top crest on height of 3500 meters, to set up the camp for spending the night, having spent the night to undergo acclimatization. For the second day to begin ascension with light baggage early in the morning, having left all heavy and excess equipment at this height.


Concerning the organization of a trek on Peak Molodezhniy
to address by phone +7 775 452 50 55

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