Plateau Assy

How it is possible to get on Assa’s plateau?

It is necessary to go from Almaty on the Kuldzhinsky path, then we turn to the right aside Mr. Issyk (Esik), to pass through Esik on the main road without turning anywhere, further to move on the route to the settlement Turgen.
Before entry into Turgen there will be a Royal Petrol gas station on the right, before her is turned to the right and we drive in the gorge Turgen. The road is asphalted on all gorge, we pass an ecopost, we pass cafe of Joint stock company-bulak, then through kilometers 7-8 will be the village of Batan, here that comes to an end asphalt and primer, gravel and the stony road begins. After the village of Batan the road disperses to the right towards Kayraksky falls and Chinturgensky moss fir groves, and the left gorge under Keesha-Turgen name just and will bring us to Assa’s plateau. We move on Keesha-Turgenya, and right after a fork costs a barrier and the huntsman is let only for money (having proved it by the fact that in general entrance is allegedly forbidden because a reserved zone). Ask 3000 KZT for the car, but it is possible to bargain cheaper. Here after a barrier the road becomes very dangerous and almost impassable — it is desirable to have the high all-wheel drive SUV with rough mud rubber since on the road it is full of large and small sharp stones and a hole very deep.
About 10-15 kilometers of such road also we come out to the dirt road, it goes on the gorge and becomes gradually wider than Keesha-Turgen, then we get on a big glade at the bottom of the plateau of Assa from where the observatory which is on the most top point of the plateau is visible. Extended rise on the plateau from this glade on the dirt road and in 20 minutes we appear on the top, height here — 2700 meters above sea level, the observatory constructed in Soviet period towers on the plateau and is a such single structure among uninhabited meadows and water Assa’s plateau.

The road on it doesn’t come to an end since Assa’s plateau stretches to the east almost to the Bartogaysky reservoir, gradually decreasing to sea level to 1300-1500 meters. If to go towards Bartogaya, the plateau landscape gradually changes:

Green meadows with yellow and violet florets (at the beginning of June)

The Martian landscape with canyon elements

Green meadows to blue florets are closer to Bartogay (at the beginning of June)

Concerning the organization of one-day and multi-day tours on Assa’s plateau
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