Ski resort Shymbulak

The Chimbulak ski resort (Shymbulak) is one of significant tourist sights of the city of Almaty. The resort of Chimbulak is at the height of 2260 meters above sea level.

On Chimbulak there are 7 elevators, the total length of slopes for driving is more than 20 kilometers, the number of sunny days in a year – 300, the average thickness of snow cover reaches 1,5 meters.
The Chimbulak ski resort has been founded in 1954. From the middle of the 20th century the championships of the USSR and Kazakhstan were held here, the resort was training base of the Soviet mountain skiers.
The resort of Chimbulak works all the year round, providing different services and holding various events: extreme entertainments such as descent by bicycle from the mountain, weeds on a paraplane, driving on the buggy, ascensions and excursions with the professional guide.
Foreign tourists show interest in this resort and in the winter and in the summer, Chimbulak’s remoteness from the city of Almaty is very small and the resort is available to any visitor.

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