Tamgaly Tas

In 120 kilometers from the city of Almaty (in 20 kilometers from the city of Kapchagay) below Kapchagay hydroelectric power station along the river Ile rocks under the name of the Tamgaly Tas are located. Here on a huge stone on the right coast Or drawings with Buddha and petroglyphs are represented.

The valley of the river Or is very picturesque place in Almaty region, the landscape from the highest rock over a stone with Buddha especially beautifully opens. On these rocks different climbing clubs and groups often come to train. Rock-climbers have an opportunity to train here with different degree of complexity of a route on rocks.

The picturesque top view opens on the valley of the river Ile towards Balkhash. The river coils and has very broad lands in this place. Current speed is small here — about 5-10 km/h. Often in these places alloys on catamarans, boats, kayaks are carried out. Below down the river it is possible to arrange fishing up to Balkhash on any place.

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09:00 – gathering of participants at the central stadium;
09:30 – departure by bus and/or the car towards the city of Kapchagay;
11:00 – arrival to rocks of the Tamgaly Tas;
11:30 – the beginning of an excursion, photographing, having a snack;
11:30-13:30 – excursion;
14:00 - departure to the city;
15:30 - arrival in the city.

Complexity: an excursion (a pedestrian part - 1-2 km)
Transfer: 110 km from Almaty
Season: April - October
Tour duration:
= a transfer from the city – 1,5 hours,
= an excursion – 1-2 hours (at will),
= return to the city – 1,5 hours

* a windbreaker (for a winter season – a down-padded coat / a warm jacket)
* a headdress (a warm season – a cap/hat, a winter season – a cap)
* sunglasses

With yourself you can take:
* jacket
* raincoat

* a thermos with tea
* 1 l. drinking water (on the road it will be possible to gather waters)
* sandwiches (bread/cheese/sausage)
* fresh vegetables / fruit
* boiled eggs, potatoes, salt
* chocolate bar
* nutlets/raisin/dried apricots

40000 KZT for group 1-4 persons (services of a transfer + an excursion are included).

For groups from 5 people individual calculation.

For big groups the discount works

The transfer is organized from the central stadium of the city of Almaty to the Tamgaly Tas and back.
The cost of a transfer is included in tour cost.

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