In the remote steppes of Almaty region there is an amazing place reflecting history of the Kazakhstan earth and the people living here many years ago.

It is the State historical and cultural and natural reserve museum «Tanbaly» which is in 170 kilometers to the northwest from the city of Almaty.

Route to this reserve simple: it is necessary to go at first to the west from Almaty on Bishkekskaya Route about 90 km to the village of Targap, then after turn to the right it is necessary to move to the north about 85 kilometers to the settlement of Karabastau.

Exactly here the museum under the open sky is also located. You will be met by the guide and will tell many interesting stories about this place. The entrance on the territory for Kazakhstan citizens — 500 KZT, — is more expensive to foreigners.

Some petroglyphs of the natural boundary of the Tanbaly is more than 3000 have some.

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08:00 – gathering of participants at the central stadium;
08:30 – departure by bus and/or the car towards the settlement of Karabastau;
12:00 – arrival in the settlement of Karabastau;
12:30 – the beginning of an excursion, photographing, having a snack;
12:30-14:30 – excursion;
15:00 - departure to the city;
18:30 - arrival on the central stadium.

Complexity: an excursion (a pedestrian part - 2 km)
Transfer: 170 km from Almaty
Season: all the year round
tour Duration:
= a transfer from the city – 3,5 hours,
= an excursion – 2-3 hours (at will),
= return to the city – 3,5 hours

* a windbreaker (for a winter season – a down-padded coat / a warm jacket)
* a headdress (a warm season – a cap/hat, a winter season – a cap)
* sunglasses

With yourself you can take:
* jacket
* raincoat

* a thermos with tea
* 1 l. drinking water (on the road it will be possible to gather waters)
* sandwiches (bread/cheese/sausage)
* fresh vegetables / fruit
* boiled eggs, potatoes, salt
* chocolate bar
* nutlets/raisin/dried apricots

45000 KZT for group 1-4 persons (services of a transfer + an excursion are included).

For groups from 5 people individual calculation.

For big groups the discount works

The transfer is organized from the central stadium of the city of Almaty to the settlement of Karabastau and back.
The cost of a transfer is included in tour cost.

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